Tandem Shaml: Art Without Borders

The Project

Tandem Shaml: Art Without Borders
Exhibition Screenings Performances Meetings Exchanges between Europe and the Arab World
an initiative of European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), MitOst (Berlin), Al Mawred Al Thaqafy (Cairo) e Anadolu Kültür (Istanbul),
sipported by Robert Bosch Stiftung (Germany), DOEN Foundation (Netherlands) e Mimeta (Norway)
organized by Teatro dell'Argine, MitOst, Al Mawred Al Thaqafy
Tandem Shaml supports collaborations between cultural change makers from the Arab region and Europe. For one year, 16 participants have worked together in tandems and as a group: making new connections and sharing good practice. Their joint projects confront global challenges like migration and support community development by linking local people, places, art forms and ideas.


Main Event - Saturday March 21st
free entrance with exchange of flavours and poems from your own Country – booking compulsory
double feature at 15.00 and 19.00
ITC Studio, Via Vittoria 1, San Lazzaro di Savena (BO)
opening with exchange of flavours and poems from all over the world
In parallel:
- screening of short Syrian movies from project Open Gates (Syria/Lebanon-Germany)
- exhibition project Detour (Egypt-Germany)
- exhibition project Market Point (Egypt-Georgia)
- meeting and presentation projects So Close and CulturePuncture Following:
- final performance project Lampedusa Mirrors (Tunisia-Italy)
- meeting with Giusi Nicolini, Mayor of Lampedusa (only at 15.00)
- Tandem Shaml reception (only at 21.30)
Preview - Friday March 20th
free entrance
from 10.00 to 12.30
Università di Bologna/Scienze dell’Educazione, Via Zamboni 32, aula 3
workshop on cultural mapping from project CulturePuncture (Egypt-France)
from 19.00 to 22.00
Centro Interculturale M. Zonarelli, Via G. A. Sacco 14 Bologna
- preview screening short Syrian movies from project Open Gates (Syria/Lebanon-Germany
- documentary on project So Close (Tunisia-Italy)
- discussion "Cultural Organizations in Turbolent Times" (Tunis, Egypt, Syria)
- multi-culture dinner cooked by Association Annassim 
Closing Event - Sunday March 22nd
compulsory drink
Cantina Bentivoglio, Via Mascarella 4/B
concert from project So Close (Tunisia-Italy)


Abdullah Sharkas, Janaklees for Visual Arts - Alessandria
Martha Bouziouri, plays2place - Atene
The project unfolded around the city of Alexandria in relation to its Greek element as a vigorous aspect of its cosmopolitan past. Through a multidisciplinary, experimental documentary approach, the project investigated and showcased the traces of the Greek presence, as they are/were reflected not only on the urban surfaces of the city, but mainly on the lives, everyday practices, motifs, rituals and exchanges of its inhabitants as the (in)tangible transmitters of a hybrid urban identity. At the same time, the project attempted a critical approach on the composite dismantling of a multicultural heritage and how it gradually faded under the weight of nationalistic convictions and successive economic recess.
Hamdy Reda, artellewa - Cairo
Sophia Lapiashvili, GeoAIR - Tbilisi
Exhibition of visual art project based on residency program and research. The project implied the exchange of artists between Georgia and Egypt. It aimed to unite contemporary artists on a common topic: how the development of cities and their transformations influence traditions and culture. Our main focus was on street markets, their transformations through the surrounding developments of the city and their role in society. How are these changes influencing urban segments and life of neighborhoods /streets, in which the markets are located.
Abdullah Alghaly, Hassala Films - Cairo
Su Başbuğu, altKitap - Istanbul
Tamam aimed to create a bilingual fiction film based on the daily life stories of Cairo and Istanbul through the means of a short movie and a documentation e-book. The movie was planned to be shot in the two countries and to be written, produced and directed by the two teams.
Astrid Thews, Mahatat for Contemporary Art - Cairo
Gwendolenn Sharp, MCE Productions - Marsiglia
The project CulturePuncture aimed to explore our ways of working with communities through a cultural and artistic mapping analysis of one neighbourhood in Marseille and one in Cairo. It is described and illustrated in a multilingual online publication and experimented with in a workshop.
Amado Al-Fadni, Nabta Centre for Art and Culture - Cairo
Tasja Langenbach, Videonale e.V. - Bonn
Detour consisted of two workshops, taking place in Downtown Cairo in 2014. The workshops aimed at raising questions about the interaction with public space in Cairo in general and especially after the revolution. The participating artists from Egypt and Germany performed different research and artistic activities in Downtown which encouraged other artists, participants and inhabitants alike to actively engage with their urban environment and helped foster a sustainable dialogue about the use of public space and urban development.
Micaela Casalboni, Teatro dell’Argine - Bologna Moez
Mrabet, Eclosion d’artistes - Tunisi
Lampedusa – the island – mirrors dreams and frustrations, hopes and stereotypes of our two communities, the Tunisian and the Italian, united and divided by the Mediterranean. Two workshops, held by theatre experts of both organizations, were realized to train young theatre professionals in both countries and prepare them to work with teenagers from most disadvantaged areas. The final performance combined the Tunisian and the Italian groups and their work.
Dorte Riemenschneider, Moviemiento e.V. - Berlino
Ayham Abu Shaqra, Ettijahat. Independent Culture - Beirut
Open Gates focused on holding workshops on screenwriting, filming and editing using basic techniques. The workshops aimed to develop artistic and creative skills among Syrian youth living in refugee camps in Lebanon. The projects supported young non-professional who aspire to make films with limited technical resources. Open Gates also called for entries of short films and organized a screening in Beirut and Berlin among other cities.
Hatem Bouksera, Massart Art Space - Tunisi
Emiliana Sabiu, Associazione Cherimus - Perdaxius
Many young Tunisians dream to migrate to Europe looking for a better life but in reality, it sometimes becomes a nightmare and leads to social and economic inequality. So Close uses art and music to address this daily reality: by organizing two residencies, we aimed to create a unique final performance in Cagliari, based on the success stories of Tunisian immigrants in Cagliari and the difficulties recounted by immigrants who had to go back to Tunisia.

partners and sponsor

Teatro dell'Argine Società Cooperativa Sociale | Sede legale via dei Gelsi, 17 | 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena - BOLOGNA | P.I. 02522171202