A Cocktail with the Critic

Il Progetto

A series of meetings with journalist Massimo Marino to get inner the shows, while sipping a drink on Teatrobus; an opportunity for discussion with a theater reviewer to learn to watch theatre more consciously.
An informal talk to set the shows in their artistic and social context and in the history of contemporary theatre; an opportunity to collect useful tools and analyze inspirations and different elements that are part of the show the audience is about to see.
Here are all dates:
Saturday, November 28th, A-solo Compagnia della Fortezza
Saturday, January 9th, Capatosta Crest
Saturday, January 23rd, Edipus Eugenio Allegri
Saturday, February 13th, La famiglia Campione Gli Omini
Saturday, February 20th, Rumore di acque Teatro delle Albe

All meetings will take place on Teatrobus (ITC Teatro courtyard) from 19.30 to 20.30.

Ticket to jump on Teatrobus is 5€. Cocktail is offered by Teatro dell’Argine! Limited Seats. Compulsory booking.

The Critic

Massimo Marino is a theatre reviewer and an essayist. He writes on the cultural section of Corriere della Sera and on several specialised magazines and publications. He deals with contemporary theatre questions and cultural and literary actuality. He was co-art director of Santarcangelo dei Teatri Festival, professor in the Department of Music and Show of Bologna University. He teaches “Poetry in music and music drama” at Parma Conservatoire “A. Boito”. Among his essays: Lo sguardo che racconta. Un laboratorio di critica teatrale, Carocci, Rome 2004. He directs the theatre blog Controscene and is one of the coordinator of “Scene” section in www.doppiozero.com magazine.


TEATROBUS is a project by Teatro dell’Argine combining, as is the tradition of the company, artistic, social, educational and cultural goals. Artistic value of shows, quality of the vision, penetration in areas not easily touched by theatrical or cultural initiatives, easy access to spectacular events even for non-playgoers: these are some of the project main aims. We purchased a city bus Menarini 201 LU model in excellent conditions from ATC Bologna. We removed seats and replaced them with comfortable benches that can accommodate up to about 30 viewers. We have re-registered it at the DVLA as special vehicle to be used for traveling shows. We involved San Lazzaro Municipality, Bologna Province and Emilia-Romagna Region that helped us promote the initiative. We asked Enrico Medici and his EFFETTICA to work with us on creative processes and help us make the most fantastic ideas come true. We forced Piero Brighetti of MEDIAMORPHOSIS to stand up at night to design the exterior decoration and Mauro Golinelli of GRAFIC EVOLUTION to spend days to apply 90 square meters of adhesive film. We involved CARISBO and CONAD San Lazzaro, who decided to take part to the project, with their usual great generosity, by covering 50% of the costs. We asked VODAFONE to give us a free wi-fi hotspot and ROPA CENTER to help us make the bus a liveable space. We alerted suppliers, employees and technicians. We probed availability of school principals and teachers, families and their children, local institutions and citizens, and all said they were excited to enter a real, colorful, fully-equipped TEATROBUS!
A mobile theatre, to bring to every local square and school magic and poetry of a real show, designed for an intimate space and offered to a small audience of viewers of all ages.
A fully-equipped space, able to contain sound, lighting and scenery. With all the technology and functionality of a true theatre at your fingertips and “transportable”.
A multipurpose venue, which can become a cinema, a classroom, a library, an exhibition room and a playroom. In any city street.
Teatrobus can easily turn into:
  • theatre venue for shows with frontal or central plan for adults and children;
  • exhibition hall for photos, paintings or small sculptures exhibitions;
  • concert hall;
  • playroom with toys and activities for children;
  • outdoor cinema, endowed with screen 355x205cm;
  • library;
  • literary salon for readings, meetings, books presentations;
  • classroom for theatre and music workshops.
Standard setting includes about 30 seats, sound and low-consumption lights system, heating and air conditioning, 50-inch plasma TV and free wi-fi.



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